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Artist Gems for March 18

About Art of Others

I’ve been searching for other artist bloggers as a way to expand my thinking.

I write about these artists I’ve discovered in my blogging and artistic journey: Artist Gems. Take a look to view and enjoy their work.

Because I’m a novice artist, still learning, I learn from the work and writings of other artists, enjoying the little things that make them and their work unique. There’s a ripple effect when we appreciate and observe others at their best and as they share while they develop their work. When artists create, their work influences others: the work stirs the emotions, reflects the community and events of the day, and inspires a response, perhaps even in the viewers’ own art.

This weeks artists are unique in their art– different ways in abstract, digital art, and photography. Every other week I’m pleasantly surprised by what I find– I hope your enjoy these picks.

Artist Gems for March 18, 2021

Vivien Jane Capper 

Website at Vivien Art Design

Works at Saatchiart

A digital artist and teacher with flair, Vivien offers tutorials and shares her challenges. I especially like the recent abstract challenge here. The texture in that blue tulip is amazing. I feel like I’m peeling back history in the wallpaper of an old house while remembering family stories. 

With your email address, get a free collage tutorial here

Even if you’re not an abstract fan, the technique and illustrations are worth a look.


Website at Stormy Designs

Blog at Stormy Designs

Red Bubble at Stormy Dzines

Gail, AKA Stormy, is a grandmother with art in her family. She delights in her whimsical illustrations and shares her Procreate brushes and more.

I love the patterns here on the tiles page:  the colors dazzle and the pattern inspires one to just relax and enjoy the symmetry.

But she’s diving into more— like this Procreate digital painting she created on a cabin at a lake based on a photograph taken on a walk.

As someone who is also a grandmother, I enjoyed viewing the progress and love that shines through her work, even with grandkids by her side!

Mimulux Patricia No

Website/Blog at Art By Mimulux

Red Bubble at Mimulux 

Pixels at Mimulux

A well-travelled artist with many styles from digital art to photographic art. I live this recent photo art, Harbinger of Spring.   The color and close-up view add warmth to the room, even from this webpage. 

She’s also revisiting her early art venues with traditional art, such as this lovely, happy fish: The orange must be a favorite and that turquoise sets up the contrast to move your eye around the work. I love it. You’ll see the orange again a little in the tomcat, which I also love for its color, movement, and expression.

There’s lots going on with this artist, so enjoy the styles!

So Take a look!

Again I’ve found those who create art with heart– artists who took the time to share both the art and story, in the whimsy that only artists can imagine. I hope enjoy their work and learn a bit more from them, as I have. I appreciate and thank them for sharing their journey– a little ripple effect that improves the world, which is something that is much needed in these times today.

Take a look– I’m sure you’ll agree, each of these artists create with the heart first!

6 thoughts on “Artist Gems for March 18”

  1. hi sheri 🙂 thank you so much for the feature here in your blog.. i feel very honoured and happy and thrilled to bits 🙂 yayayayyyyyyyyyy THANKS 🙂
    greetings from switzerland .. mimu aka pat aka mimulux patricia no 😉

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