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Sheri Edwards,
always learning

About Me

In my previous life, I was honored to work in a rural public school as a teacher, mostly middle school language arts / media to mostly Native American students who graciously and adamantly showed me that we should slow down and enjoy the moment.

Now it’s my turn to slow down and enjoy each moment through art. Even though my students and I focused on the goal of becoming wordsmiths, art was a part of those lessons: to bring our ideas to life through visual imagery that extended the meaning of our words. Words. Ideas. Image. I am not an artist, but this new journey is one for me to learn to be one.

Wonder is always the start of any endeavor and was my goal as teacher and human being:

Reflect curiosity and wonder;
Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness.

As I wondered about an art blog, I was reminded of one of my first attempts at sketching in which I thought, “I wonder if I draw a line…”

Hence, my blog: I wonder if I draw a line.

For more about that, see the story here: If I draw a line.

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Other Opportunities I’m Working On

As a part time gig, I’m still helping the learning community as a coach to teachers who choose to learn the integration of technology into their teaching process to support the learning of their students. Technology is not an add-on; it’s a tool for both teachers and students to communicate, present, and share their knowledge in ways that engage interaction and collaboration to support both teacher and student agency.

Along with a wonderful team of coaches, we support the learning of participants in Jennifer Gonzalez’s JumpStart: A Technology Course for Thoughtful Educators

The Daily

Every day I try to achieve three goals:

  • Complete a Daily Create
  • Doodle with my Clmooc friends
  • Write a note and poem with a photo

Previously I’d blogged these on my Ask What Else blog, but I ran out of space there due to my own misunderstanding about file size– LOL. [See Moving Day]

So now I publish here with an index on my older blog: The Daily.

As such, my Art blog is now inclusive of my life every day– warts and wonders.

Link here to the parts of interest to you:

Welcome to My World

I hope you find joy, wonder, creativity, and some thoughts that help you stretch your thinking. Please be aware that even in my 70s, I still make mistakes and I’m still learning. I hope you will learn along with me.

You may also find me on Mastodon.

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