If I draw a line…

Updating one’s blog is no easy matter, especially with claiming a new name. This renaming began with a WordPress course, Blogging for Beginners. The name of this blog, I wonder if I draw a line, evolved from this story, which I hope inspires you to begin your own journey into something you love, which is so important in these difficult times of 2020. Enjoy the story, “I wonder if I draw a line…

A while ago –years ago in 2012, a tweet to a friend, Denise Krebs, mentioned joining the Sketchbook Project. I’m not an artist, yet. But it did sound intriguing and a challenge for my visually handicapped brain!

So I signed up (along with granddaughter Marisa) and waited for my package.

When it arrived, I had grand dreams of a mystery book, but fortunately, I pulled in the visions of art that my little fingers were not ready for, and waited for an idea that was more within my reach. Still a challenge, but doable. This is progress; usually I am an over-achiever and sign up for more than is possible.

What could I draw? What could my little sketchbook do? I carried it around in my purse. I pulled it out and looked at it.  I dreamed about it. I closed my eyes many times, but could not envision a possibility.

Winter Break. Sick. A cold. And from inside my purse a little notebook called to me. I could hear it whisper, “I wonder what you will draw?  I’m waiting…” It sat behind me as I sat on the couch, on the bench by the front door. “I wonder what you will draw?  I’m waiting…”

I closed my eyes and repeated, “I wonder what you will draw?” And I thought, “I wonder if I draw a line…”

I opened up my computer and composed a poem, wondering what that line would do. I thought of possible pictures that would work with each line, and numbered the pages.

I revised and printed it out, two copies. I cut up one copy into lines for each page.

I began to sketch and it felt wonderful, like I popped out of the ground and blossomed– a new gift to the world.

I hoped that by wondering what a line could become, that this little sketchbook would encourage others, also not yet artists, to try the Sketchbook Project also.

I can’t quite explain the power and creativity in projects like this.

When you pick up a pen to write or draw and just allow your ideas to flow, what is born is something new, something yours, something that wasn’t there before, a new world, and you did it. It is an amazing feeling.  Do try it.

So my favorite pages are sketching a line to see what it shows:

Can it see? Is it looking back at me?

Would it blossom? This needs color; I’ll add color later.

Would my line open doors and minds?

What is important here is the thought. If you are a beginning artist, remember this: if you draw it and you label it, your readers will see it and believe it. Perfection is impossible for most of us, so just draw and get better. Draw it. Tell the story. Your readers will know — don’t you?

And then a most important part, to reach out…. will my book reach out?

Would it find you?

And would the lines flowing from each page in simple words and sketches encourage you to try?

If you want more information, save this link to the Sketchbook Project and check back for the current project. And if a tour comes to your city, won’t you check out my book, and won’t you try your own?

What does my final project look like? Enjoy this photo album of each page…

I wonder… If I draw a line  by Sheri Edwards, 2013 and here, online at the Sketchbook Project, I wonder…if I draw a line.


To our wonders:





You know who you are 🙂


In the beginning of the post, I said, “I’m not an artist, yet.”

That’s part of my strategy for powerful thinking to encourage learning. “Yet” is a powerful word.  For more information, see this post on Mindsets.


I’ve done it! I’ve let it go. I’ve sent it off into the world to become what it is meant to be:

I brought it into the world with care and love and boundless creativity, and now it’s gone, off on its own to hopefully make its own mark, just like our children. We cared for them, loved them, and shared the boundless joys and creativity that is theirs for the making. And, just like with our children, I look to my memories and memorabilia, close my eyes, and wish every day for their continued care and joy in their own journeys in the world.

I wonder,

if I…

if you…