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Round Holly

holiday wishes screenshot.png

Today I continue my Art Nouveau class at Skillshare, using the app Procreate, this lesson included creating an overlapping-object effect. I decided to start adding to my collection for the holidays [Merry and Bright] by creating something with holly and berries. I’d gotten pretty far by the time the teacher reminded us that Art Nouveau is curvy, not pointy.

So I cleared my layer and in the final drawing over my planning sketch, I rounded my holly. That’s what learners do: try, get feedback, revise, and try again.

I still like it, and especially the quote.


The main thing I thought of today as I uploaded my finished work to my project and to RedBubble was that there are lots of great artists out there, and I’m glad that I’m confident enough now to share my art– even though I’m on the “learning” end of the continuum. 

So, wherever you’re at — remember, there are many styles of art and yours is one of them. Share it.

What art did you create today?holiday-wishes-u-coasters.jpg


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