Art Techniques, Merry and Bright

Warmest Wishes Vintage Ornaments on Pine

Sending warmest wishes your way– one in yellow and one in grey!

The pine tree and pine cone are parts of a previous work of art, to which I added the snowflake background and a vintage ornament. The pearls are a string of dots, as a brush, that I applied to create a look like it wrapped around the branch. So I needed to create a layer above the pine and a layer below the pine for the pearls. I also added shading and shadows as well as highlights.

As I worked on the pine cone and wrapped the pearls around the branch, I thought of spring– and the wonder of songbirds that will sing to us when winter is done. To remind you of the joy of the melodies of our feathered friends, enjoy this short recording from springtime in our local park:

My art is from the heart, a distraction from the world that is so dark these days. My hope that your viewing them, and perhaps learning from my techniques, will help you through your days as well. Enjoy.

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