Snowy Christmas tree branch with glass globe and “Merry Christmas”
Art Techniques

Glass Ornament on Pine Bough

Day 12 iPad Vintage Ornaments

Seems so simple, yet there’s a lot going on here.

First: the bulb looks like glass because of the white brush around the outside edges. Draw a sold ornament, select it, hide it, then on another layer add the white “frost.” The brush is one I created using a black/white image of frost. Add the highlights, and the highlight reflection.

The top of the bulb, chain, and ribbon have shadows on the left and lighter on the right, created by selecting those parts, feather a bit, and either increasing or decreasing the brightness. The color is a golden yellow– the top also has light, dark, grey shading and a bit of frost, explained below.

The lettering is created using the frost brush, except I added taper and streamlined the brush.

The pine bough is one layer for the branch, textured in three colors– brown base with texture in light brown, dark brown, reddish brown.

The pine needles start with a deep green, studio pen strokes all over to look like needles. A layer below is very dark, a layer of needles above that a bit lighter, an even brighter layer above that. I duplicated dark and light layers and shifted them to add more depth. That’s a lot of brush strokes!

Barely visible on most of the top couple of layers of pine needles is a bit of frost. This is created by duplicating the ink bleed brush, then increasing the stroke spacing to about 54%.

The snow is ink bleed brush filled in over parts of the branch, add a bit of shadow to the larger clumps.

The background is a solid blue topped with the frost brush on multiply with lowered transparency. The solid blue layer is darkened in the lower left and lightened in the upper right.

A soft air brush, blurred, creates the shining moon in the fog effect.

And, finally, the flare brush creates the highlights in the snow, ornament, and letters.

I am surprised at how much I like this. Procreate is an awesome app.

For a full tutorial on glass ornaments, see Jennifer Nichols InstagramTV HowTo: Glass Ornaments and find her Skillshare classes here: Jennifer Nichols.

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