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Art For You Holiday Stocking Card

A few days ago I added to my challenge: stocking ornaments hung on a coat rack on the wall. I love the message and the colors, so bright and cheerful, complete with dangling hearts and stars. We no longer hang stockings, since it’s just Scott and I at home now, so illustrating these brought back memories and great feelings of joyous days of years ago. Art does that: it centers you and brings you to what matters most.

This seemed like a good idea for a coloring page for my readers and their kids. So I created a few versions of download-ables. Here’s how my color page turned out– importing the image into ProCreate and adding to the basic shape. You can be as detailed or simplistic as you’d like because the basic design lets you add easily or simply color in. I think crayons or brush markers would work well too.

Here’s the pdf

Notice that my hand written message isn’t perfect– and you shouldn’t let imperfections keep you from downloading and creating your own message card. What words would you add to the stocking tops? What message would you write?

You could download and send that card to someone– notice the dotted line for the fold. Or, here are the black and white versions; the card also has a pdf version for easy printing.

And, the images you could save, too.

The black/white outline image of the card
Just the stockings
Plain Stocking Image
Looped Top Stocking Image

If you do color and send a card, please snap a picture and share a link to it. It would be fun to share a gallery of the cards.

Next week Christians celebrate one of their holidays– and other holidays begin. We live in a world of traditions filled with hope and dreams. Though they may be different, the one thing is true: family is first and hope is in our hearts.

Happy Holidays.

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