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Art For You Valentines Love Card

Happy Valentine’s Day

Thinking about you out there on this lovely day. It’s snowing today with a cold blanket of white brightening up the grey skies. And yet, on this day friends share with one another. A knock on my door by the two old fellas who walk together everyday brought us a homemade envelope [from old maps] and a homemade heart from an old quilt. He let slip it was from my dear book club friend, Judy. Wouldn’t you love this token of friendship?

The lovely keepsake included the history:

And so it hangs on my year-round memento tree to keep the kind thought in my heart:

Art For You from Me

And my art today is a  DoodleADay ElloLovey prompt, love, and what better way to share the love than to share in my way, with a bit of digital art for you. So, here’s a card for you to share. Just download [right click and “save as”] the top image above, and cut out the center– either digitally or print out to cut out by hand. Insert your favorite love and there you go!

PDF to Print Out

Here’s an 8.5 in by 11 in pdf— just print, cut, and insert your favorite love!


A note about the card because sharing is caring:

The white heart background is a brush I made. The app for this creation is Procreate. Classes that helped make this card possible:

Jennifer Nichols on Skillshare:

Brenda Bakker on Skillshare: Creating Hand Drawn Paper Cut Out in Procreate

4 thoughts on “Art For You Valentines Love Card”

  1. The 2 guys seemed happy to have a mission this morning when I cornered them walking in the snow, to ask if they’d make a delivery. Fun. Pleased a piece if the old quilt made you smile.
    And who do you think is gonna want to cut out that cute guy in the heart, toss and replace with another? Fat chance.

    Liked by 1 person

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