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I like watching videos of how people create their art. Today I had fun creating this collage in “stripes” for a challenge I do with my CLmooc friends everyday. Today I chose “stripes” as a prompt from DoodleADay ElloLovey.

I knew I wanted to create “stripes” in a unique way and decided on a collage of sorts– with stripes as the connecting element.

I adapted the palette for my Picasso still life, adding in a bit of greens and blues. I did that in Procreate by adjusting the hue of the image to a black/white and then applying the gradient map with a green close to yellow and a bit of blue-green. I then cut out part of the new blue Picasso and placed it on top of the yellow monochrome and saved the duo image. Then I could use the palette tool in Procreate and choose “Create palette from image.”

I imagined a simplified scene: wheat fields with a lake, bushes, trees, and the sun shining out on all.

I sketched in simple shapes to represent each of those, each shape on a different layer. Apply Select-automatic to an area within a shape shape. Go to a new layer and fill in color. Each color a new layer below the outline. Keep the outline separate for a choice of turning it off or on.

To each color, add a clipping mask. With the same color in a chosen blend mode [multiply, color burn, linear burn, screen], apply stripes.

I turned off the outline and filled in any areas like stems.

For depth, I also duplicated some layers, changed color to grey or black, and applied a blend mode, moving this layer slightly for a shadow or highlight. Apply Gaussian Blur as an option for more depth.

It was quite fun and I’m going to try a few more.

Here’s a video of both making a palette and the stripes image. Enjoy…

And, you may want to join in to the daily challenge. Today, my hashtags are:

#FebDoodle #doodleadayfeb #DoodleADay  #clmooc #stripes

You can see my other February Doodles here:


If you have any questions about the process in any of these, please ask and I’ll be glad to help.

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