A Bit of My Day

A little celebration

Milestone 51

Today marks the 51st day of daily blogging and creating on three challenges.

1: A doodle challenge—

My CLmooc friends doodle everyday. I usually chose a prompt from DoodleADay ElloLovey. I’ve blogged my art creations every day for 51 days: FebDoodle JanDoodle On Flickr

February’s Doodles:


2 A Daily Create

Everyday, the Daily Create @ds106dc ] asks us to create something– a prompt is provided every day and should only take about ten minutes to create. And every day I post to Twitter and in my daily journal blog: Daily Create. Fifty-one days of Daily Creates.


3 Daily Note to Remember the Moments

A photograph and a poem every day about the moments in my life. Not exciting. Not good poetry. But for sure during these times a remembrance of the days. Remember the Moments


Fifty-one days in a row— 51×3=153 challenges accepted. Wow.

I invite you to join one– just check out one of my posts in the links to chose a Daily Note, a Daily Create, or a Doodle a Day. You can do it! Please join, and please share your work and progress and struggles and successes. Thank you.

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