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Art For You Daffodils

Art For You: Daffodils

Every day I take a photo and write a poem for that moment– rather boring in these times of Covid, and yet a reminder of the little things that are so important to bringing hope and joy to us all. I write about each photo and poem in a Daily Note: Remember the Moments on my daily blog.

Yesterday I wrote this poem and took this picture which inspired today’s Art For You:

Daily Note

Each day a photo, a poem to remember the moments.

Spring Daffodils

They are here! Last night

it seemed they popped up delights:

Daffodils and spring!

Sheri Edwards
030521 06436521
Poetry / Photography

From that poem and picture I created this color page for you to add your own flowers along with mine:

right click to “save as”

Enjoy, and I hope you share your color page. #warmup4art

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