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Art For You: ZenDoodle

April Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day. April’s prompts are from Rachelle at TinkerLab — #tinkerlab

Today the prompt is copy, and so I decided to try a bit of zen doodles like my friend Melvina does. I couldn’t get the color right, but it’s still fun. And I’m pretty sure I warped the space/time continuum with the background. 🙂

Here is a black and white version so you can meditate while coloring in the zen doodle.

Creating ZenDoodles are very relaxing and help to build variances in your stroke– to be consistent thick or thin as needed.

If you would like to learn Zen Doodle, you may enjoy this book, Joy of Zentangle / Suzanne McNeill and Sandy Steen Bartholomew . Great directions for many different zen doodles, or as these authors call this: zentangle.

As always, share your strategies and coloring. Let’s #warmup4art !

#AprilDoodle  #clmooc #copy #zendoodle #sunflower  #tinkerlab

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