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Wednesday WarmUp Artist Study


For the past many weeks, this blog has hosted “Wednesday Warm Up,”— a day of usually quick drawing, inking, brushing as warm up to our serious art. I share a strategy to try each Wednesday using the iPad app ProCreate.

This Week

I started a new project: art / artist study. I’m taking a class on Skillshare to do just that. For a free trial on Skillshare and Brooke Glaser’s class, click this link. This is a well-thought out class with great strategies for stretching oneself and finding a way to a new or another style. I’ve not finished it yet, so I know there’s more to try– I highly recommend it or any of Brooke’s classes. I’m very thankful she’s teaching a class on developing style– it’s something from which we can all learn.

This has been a great way to change up the day and my art time– and stretch my learning to try some new styles. I took my time to search and organize styles I like, mostly for fun and whimsey. I analyzed them for the “how” and then made choices for my own attempts at each style. I spent a bit of time over a few days to choose, analyze, learn, and challenge myself to try a style.

Now that I’ve considered the HOW, I can practice as warm ups before more serious projects, like designing the signs for the local library group’s new book sale.

The Process

I chose four styles from a Pinterest search, then organized my Think Styles board into four folders:

  • Whimsical Zen Doodle
  • Whimsical — a bit looser, less zen doodles
  • Whimsical — in shapes and lines
  • Watercolor– loose style in ink and watercolor

I spent quite a bit of time taking notes and analyzing each style and how they may have been created in Procreate.

Next, I chose how to I could apply that style with my brushes and skills.

Finally, I created my own sketch– duplicated it four times, and tried each style according to my choices, as suggested by Brooke in the class.

My Analysis

For a look at how I thought this through, these pictures show each Pinterest style with the analysis and my choices to try out each style. Click an image to enlarge it.

My Sketch [You can use it if you want to for personal use.]

And, finally, I added the partial zen doodle style to one of my art group prompts– and I really like my “slow” snail. I tried to create the illusion of the little guy creeping by at one blade per hour through the background textures–full color in front with the passage of time in less saturated backgrounds, in the light grass at left and the darker zen doodled at right, and in the layers of “slime.” Ha. Like anyone will think through that! But it was my thinking… 🙂

Try it!

Try analyzing a style you like and then make choices in your brushes and modes and coloring to make it happen. Share and let me know how it worked for you. Take Brooke’s class and learn a whole lot more on how to do this. And please– share with #warmup4art so we can all enjoy your work too! I look forward to your sharing and tag me at @42Sheri.

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