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Wednesday WarmUp Outdoor Inspiration


I’ve enjoyed providing each week a “Wednesday Warm Up,”— a day of usually quick drawing, inking, brushing as warm up to our serious art. I share a strategy to try each Wednesday using the iPad app ProCreate.

This Week

Another look at what some of my CLmooc friends and I participate in each October– a joint effort by the National Writing Project and the National Park Service? October 10-24: WriteOut. Click the link to get inspired with your ideas within your own community– get started with a bit of outdoors, whether it’s a walk down the street, a visit to a local park, an urban hike, or a long look out the window. Peek, observe, discover.

Take some time to observe, enjoy, discover, to snap a photo, to write a poem, to make art.

What do I mean?

And here’s the outdoor inspiration that I discovered in a Ponderosa Pine as we hiked around Steamboat Rock State Park, WA this weekend. I snapped a photo, considered how the little seed fell into the crevice of the basalt boulder and grew into a powerful, wildfire resistant Ponderosa. Beautiful story, which I wrote about here on another blog.

Inspiration for Art and Poetry– a process in video

What application?

Art App: iPad app ProCreate, but you can use any art app on your device
Video: in Apple Keynote and iMovie with replay from Procreate

Try It

Please join my CLmooc friends and share on social media to #writeout for more inspiration to and from others as we go outdoors and enjoy the beauty around us. Thank you to the National Writing Project and the National Park Service for their continued support for the outdoors and writing!

This is part of my  #warmup4art series to learn and enjoy our work together! See my sharing at IG @42Sheri and Twitter @42Sheri.

#clmooc #warmup4art #writeout

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