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Wednesday Wrap Up Forest Portfolio and Textured Layers

Three of the patterns


Each Wednesday check this blog for a strategy, process, or reflection for illustration with the iPad app ProCreate. This Wednesday Wrap Up is a wrap up of my week of a forest theme I’ve designed with Este Macleod’s limited palette prompt 24: Polenta, Umber, Forest Green, Sienna and Dusty Rose.


Este’s prompt inspired me to consider the colors and where they would be found– it looked like forest colors to me, so I found my “tree” stamps made from a Jennifer Nichol’s [ of Leila and Po Studio ]Skillshare class [ A Perfect Cup of Cocoa ] and proceeded to make the tree pattern– at right above.

Trees have leaves– so I designed two versions- -a more realistic one but then one of whimsy like the tree– see the middle frame above. And to the left you see I added flowers from the forest meadow at the left in the image above. Then I combined the leaves and flowers into a diamond design which became my Father’s Day greeting background. Next– birds in the trees, followed by a bouquet, which I then decided was too pretty not to be in a pattern. Here is my Flickr Gallery of designs:


The Focus

An important aspect of the theme are the stamp brushes I’d already made and did make during this project, the textures with clipping masks, and the canvas textures in a seamless repeat pattern. Here’s a video of these elements:

The Brushes

  • my own flower and leaf brushes [from a Jennifer class]
  • Jennifer Nichols Abstracts over all canvas textures
  • main brushes when creating elements: studio pen, dry ink, tinderbox; for texture and shading: noise, willow charcoal

Resources for you– the artist teacher links:

I thank these two teachers so much for their encouragement, sharing, and ongoing support for learning artists.

Hashtags and Brushes:

#coloricombo #estemacleodclass #clmooc #JuneDoodle #makingarteveryday #cldoodle22 #forest #leaves #bouquet #limitedpalette #repeatpattern #ipadartwithjennifernichols #warmup4art

Try It

So, that wraps up this Wednesday Wrap Up. I hope you join in with Este and Jennifer in their classes, communities, or hashtags. They are excellent teachers and so helpful.

With whatever skills you’re learning, with wonderful artists to learn from, I hope you find a way to give joy to others by sharing your work.

I look forward to your sharing, and please continue to be a part of the  #warmup4art series to learn and enjoy our work together! See my sharing at IG @42Sheri and Twitter @42Sheri.

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