Doodle, The Daily

September Doodle Notebook

back to school notebook, pencil sharpener, pencil, and globe

September Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.

#makingarteveryday 36 Wednesday and Thursday prompt: Notebook and Globe

I am a founding member of Lisa Bardot’s Art Makers Club where artists gather to share, discuss, learn, and improve their artistic endeavors. Today, club members joined in this tutorial, practicing quick draw, textures, a bit of shading. I added in the globe for today’s prompt as well. Prompts are for the daily #makingarteveryday sponsored by Lisa.

#makingarteveryday #bardotbrush #septdoodle #septemberdoodle #cldoodle22  #warmup4art #clmooc #backtoschool #notebook #globe

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