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Daily Create Shampoo AI

left is woman with shampoo on head and face; at right is a pixel art translation that looks like a pac mac video game to me
on Flickr

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create prompt — #clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3894 — asks: What the bleep is Distributed Shampoo? Apparently this is something in the coding / tech research that came up as a title: Evaluation of Distributed Shampoo and so also became a Daily Create.

So I decided to ask AI: artificial intelligence at the art makers AI HotPot.

I asked for a photo-realism response to “Evaluation of Distributed Shampoo” which brought the shampooed head art pic, and then asked it to translate that to Pixel Art.

I asked the HotPot AI, and this is what they responded in photo-realism and pixel art.  Hope this helps explain.


And so I hope that answers the question, “What the bleep is Distributed Shampoo?”

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