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September Doodle Spooky

smiling black cat sitting on grass, yellow moon, two bats, and a moth
on Flickr

September Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day. This month I’ve taken two fun spooky classes from Lisa Bardot’s Art Makers Club community, with both lessons also on YouTube: Spooky Cat and a Glowing Jack o’ Lantern. The community courses have a few more tips and tricks. For instance, the Jack o’Lantern course includes how to create an animated Jack o’Lantern. View mine here on Flickr.

So my September doodle today: a couple pumpkin pictures: spooky cat and jack o’lantern

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smiling, glowing jack o'lantern on wooden floor with starry sky behind
on Flickr and animated here

Here’s the video version of the glowing pumpkin:

Gif here

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