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old granite rock pathway and stairway in a town park
on Flickr

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. The Daily Create brought me to an old photo and inspired a poem. A daily walk for us is through Cole Park– you can walk with me here in my Saturday Afternoon album from 2018. These for my novels during NaNoWriMo, because who knows in other places where stone walkways and walls existed for thousands of years on which, perhaps, fairies did dance. I imagine this as sunlight filters through the maples and I step and pause in new light on each ancient grandfather rock, hoping for a connection to the universe of the past and the future. And the sparkles in the leaves do not disappoint.


Granite of old earth
Cut just so
Placed just so
Built to last
to enchant
as if an ancient path
where fairies dance
and children prance
in joy of another day
on today’s green earth

Sheri Edwards
092622 271.365.22
Photo of stone path in Cole Park leading to Fiddle Creek
taken July 27,2016

Cole Park

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