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Gathering Joy

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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. They could be flowers. They are flowers. Some are called weeds. But here we are together on the planet– some of us weeds, some of flowers, and all must be loved.

I love finding some new little delight — or an annual one like these spring buttercups. I snap a picture to gather their joy, and today I could share it with my online friends who share education, art, nature, ideas, writing, photography, and a whole lot of “making.” Thank you for making the world better.

Gathering Joy

Gather the joy around you
From the woods and weeds around
Whistle the song of meadowlark
Share it with friends you’ve found.

Thank you #writeout #clmooc

Sheri Edwards
10.01.22 276.365.22

Daily Create

bouquet of fall florals on green background with the poem
on Flickr

This post was inspired by today’s Daily Create –#clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3914 Send someone a card! I also thank the DS crowd, though my theme today is the nature of WriteOut and the Silent Sunday’s of CLmooc which keep us all moving with nature and loving the world and one another despite the chaos. Connecting, sharing, caring: Thank You. So, I’m sending the card via video on Flickr through Twitter to the  CLmooc friends  and WriteOut crowd for their continued inspiration for so many — all because we work for a better world where love and creativity abounds.

on Flickr

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