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Autumn Bee

bee on lavender
on Flickr

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today on our Daily Walk [#writeout ], we paused at the lavender behind the bank– to see if bees still fed in the autumn. Yes– as you can see they do. But I have learned from phys.org that their emphasis now is in gathering sweets and carbohydrates to prepare for the long winter. I also found this lovely booklet about North American Bees, A United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service and Pollinator Partnership Publication. The illustrations are beautiful and it is full of unusual facts about wasps and bees that will help us better understand the creatures.

Autumn Bee

Pollinators, yes —but in the fall
They gather sweets and carbs
To save as when winter calls 

Sheri Edwards  
10.02.22   277.365.22  

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