illustrated art studio with iMac, iPad, art and cat standing, peeking up behind computer.
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Daily Create Improved Office

illustrated art studio with iMac, iPad, art and cat standing, peeking up behind computer.
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Daily Create

#clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3917 Improve Your Office

Back in August, the writing prompts were about our “art studio,” and I illustrated this in stages and shared here, Break It Down. And this is the final image of my “art studio,” my home office. On the left side of the TV you see here is the reverse configuration of the desk where my husband works. He actually works– as publisher of the local newspaper; I’m retired [2016] after thirty-one years of delightful teaching and learning as a middle school language arts / media teacher.

We actually created this little space in our living room about ten years ago, and when COVID hit the world– we learned that Scott could almost totally work from home, except for photos and the occasional interview, via Zoom meetings.

So my little Art Studio in the living room of our little cottage home is my office. You can see my fave decor: the fairy from my granddaughter, the bookmark / computer jewelry on the computer, the cat telling me it’s time to go out, and the two framed pics– the Owl/Ukraine Sunflower from Sarah Honeychurch and the floral watercolor from Melvina Kurashige. In reality, there are family photos and grandkid artwork on the wall, rather than my digital art– and other paperwork from the reality of daily life.

Part of desk area of "art studio" with iMac, iPad, art, lamp, etc.
My Office Art Studio, minus the paperwork mess

And this IS my improved office: the only paperwork is art, unlike reality.

#clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3917 Improve Your Office

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