crab apple tree full of its small crab apples
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WriteOut Out My Window

Crab Apples in May

In May, I could not resist this photo of one of our crab apple trees out my kitchen window.

In May, pink blossoms on crab apple tree through gridded white window

Crab Apples in October

So, with today’s Daily Create prompt:

#clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3924  #writeout  See It and Sketch It— out my window

Daily Create 10.11.2022

I choose to draw it as it is now, filled with crab apples for the mule deer. We daily shake the tree so the apples fall to the ground, and we cannot park our cars beneath the trees, because the deer stand on the vehicles to stretch to reach the apples!

crab apple tree full of its small crab apples
crab apple tree full of its small crab apples
mule deer stands on truck to eat crab apples from tree
mule deer stands on truck to eat crab apples from tree

Crab Apple October Doodle

illustration of crab apple tree full of small crab apples outside of white gridded window

And Crab Apple Poetry

And so, a poem– about Crab Apple Delights

crab apple full of small red fruit in October with inset of bright pink May blossoms

Crab Apple Delights

In spring, so bright
blossoms of pink
In summer, a sight
leaves of deep green
In autumn, fruit bite
mule deer delight!Sheri Edwards
10.11.22 286.365.22

About WriteOut

These posts are part of WriteOut: a joint venture of by the National Writing Project and the National Park Service to encourage people to get outdoors. This year’s Write Out is STEAM- Powered (STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) from October 9-23, 2022. It’s free. It encourages writing and making and sharing about your own experiences with the outdoors in a local event, on your own, or with the Write Out activities you can find here.

This year– besides encouraging people to explore local parks and public spaces through place-based writing– writing about the places and spaces you visit. Notebooks or field journals or lab notebooks — the first tools a scientist uses to observe, describe, illustrate, and annotate the objects, events, and places they study — will help inspire your writing, whether it is a labeled sketch, a poem, an essay, a scrapbook of annotated photos.

Follow along on this WriteOut journey on my education blog: What Else WriteOut where this post is also part of that blog.

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