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Daily Create Seed Launcher

A How To write postcards to scatter seeds of kindness with list of supplies, an example front and back, and pictures of ideas on what to draw on the front: art and hello; something to do; something to color; a how to, a greeting, quote, poem.
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Today’s WriteOut Daily Create —

#clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3929 #writeout is to “Make a Seed Bomb Launcher” — although in some other form besides seeds.

I choose a way to “scatter seeds of kindness” through postcards and created the above How To page with examples to help the postcard maker get started.

Scatter seeds of kindness with postcards to your family, friends, or neighbors — a how to


Another idea for sending postcards is to send Postcards for Peace, a #clmooc March activity.

This post is part of the October WRITEOUT adventure of the National Writing Project and the National Park Service — a STEAM-powered Write Out 2022. Organized as a public invitation to get out and create, supported by a series of free online activities, Write Out invites educators, students, and families to explore national parks and other public spaces. The goal is to connect and learn through place-based writing and sharing. Learn more and sign up: https://writeout.nwp.org

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