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Six Autumn Leaves

six autumn leaves on concrete and the poem in the post
on Flickr

Six Autumn Leaves

There were more than six leaves in the original photo, but, inspired by the Daily Create [see below], I decided a poem was needed today with the resulting image I created for the Daily Create.

Today, Elon Musk is in charge of Twitter. Fortunately, I follow people and hashtags, choosing to follow truths, art, and writing with people who believe in goodness.

And, of course, the people who hate filled the news today– with an attack on Speaker Pelosi’s husband.

I am just so concerned that people would rather focus on hate and fear of others, rather than see how, together, we have so much to solve in the world– the climate issues, the health issues, the poverty, the wars.

Really– we are all living on this one planet, and it seems that working together we’d do so much better than dividing and sorting and hating. I just don’t understand why we can’t simply live, and let live.

And then, our little neighborhood and in our community of five small towns and a reservation — with people of different ages and faiths and political beliefs– are all getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plans for committee events are forming with activities for all ages — we focus on the care and hope for pleasant and joyous times ahead.

And, we are America: I would venture to think that most of us in cities and towns are doing the same. Most of us are living together in peace and with care towards one another. We want peace, not the division. And that is the biggest and best truth. Most of us are this way.

And so a poem that the six small leaves on concrete remind us:

Six Autumn Leaves

Framed in concrete,
fallen lightly as autumn
listens to winter’s whispers,
still they hold to truth
in crimson and yellow
that grey will not hold:
spring will come,
hope will unfold.

Sheri Edwards
10.28.22 303.365.22

Daily Create

six autumn leaves on concrete with the words: Writing -- six autumn leaves makes strange tweets
on Flickr

Today’s Daily Create — #clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3941 Six Word Stories — asked us to make six word stories from a story generator. I used Dogtrax’s Flippety Six Word Story Generator. I chose the one for “Writing,” I added the plural noun [autumn leaves] and the type of writing [tweets,] which then generated the six word story:

Six autumn leaves make strange tweets


You might want to click the generator and give it a try– or write your own poem of hope for our country.

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