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Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create prompt — #clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3947 shares that  @todd_conaway wants to know “What Makes a Community.”

The first thing I thought of are just a few things– starting from a common goal of for the common good.

Now, “What Makes a Community” is an important question– and given these times when a few people want to control the rest of us by banning books and curriculum, budding into others’ private lives, striving to create laws that hurt certain groups, well, I’d like to return to a view our America that is much more caring, forgiving, accepting, and thoughtful.

So I spent time on a slideshow that allowed me to choose a nice template and insert photos from the web to match the ideas I have, and we once all seemed to have, about community. And I added a bit about how that translates into education for learning communities.

Then I downloaded the Google Slides and imported them into Apple Keynote where I added transitions, animation, and music. I then saved it as a movie. I did need to open the mv4 file in QuickTime to export as a .mov to then upload to YouTube.

Maybe, you’d like a peaceful and accepting community too:

And to see what others think, see Todd’s Playlist.

I think most communities are like the one for public good. The local churches, service organizations like Rotary, and civic minded citizens all take part in making the community better. Sometimes we just get side-tracked, and often just need a nudge, a reminder to stay focused on betterment of our communities for all of us– because each of us want to live our lives in a peaceful, caring, and thoughtful community.

For resources on building communities, see below:

  • Our nation’s founders, however, assumed that the freedom of individuals to pursue their own ends would be tempered by a “public spirit” and concern for the common good that would shape our social institutionsClaire Andre and Manuel Velasquez Creating the Good Society Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Santa Clara University
  • Holding Change is about attending to coordination, to conflict, to being humans in right relationship with each other, not as a constant ongoing state, but rather as a magnificent, mysterious, ever-evolving dynamic in which we must involve ourselves, shape ourselves and each other. The majority of the book is sourced from brown’s twenty-plus years of facilitation and mediation work with movement groups.” AKPress Holding Change
  • “Are you hungry for deeper dialogue about the climate crisis and building community around solutions? We are too. That’s why we created All We Can Save Circles — like a book club, but a cooler, deeper, extended version. Let’s strengthen the “we” in All We Can Save. Circles were created by Dr. Katharine Wilkinson.
  • “A Democracy Circle is a group of up to seven people who join together regularly to demand the democracy we need; a truly-racial, multi-cultural democracy that represents all of us.” The Workers Circle / Democracy Circle
  • Thriving Communities Resource Guide by Everyday Democracy

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