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DS106 tshirt

retro sunshine and swirl florals in bright pink, fuscia, green, blue, yellow with text DS106 - Rise & Shine - Create Art - Better the World
on Flickr

Daily Create November Doodle

The Daily Create prompt today could be a real t-shirt — #clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3953 Design a DS106 t-shirt.

I created mine with a remix of an April Daily Create and an August Doodle Swirl— for the Daily Create and November Doodle. I had to learn to curve text in Affinity Designer. Super easy, by the way.

Design a DS106 t-shirt–

DS106 – Rise & Shine – Create Art – Better the World

Every Daily Create is a learning experience. Thank you, DS106!

Note DS106-ers — These are on RedBubble, but private since it says DS106 on the design. But I can order them. I’m getting something– maybe a hat or journal.

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