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Daily Create The Rusted Letter

Fake Book Cover in gray, splotchy background with black bands top and bottom. The title: The Rusted Letter; A sequel to CATCH-45. In the grey middle, behind darker grey stripes, an orange "T" with hair like top, rusted, wearing a long red tie; A shadow of the T. Lower area says "By Decency Winns, an e pluribus unum publication
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Daily Create

Prompt: #clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3959 Un The World Book Cover

This took a bit to consider. What might be a good book to read considering these times?

I scrolled through a search of “classic book covers” and stopped at “The Scarlet Letter.” And then I realized… The Orange Letter would work, especially after viewing the samples [which do not fit with my content, so no link].

Orange– no. Fire— no. Aw- the color is “rust!” The “T” fits with the statement– hair, tie, orange — to rust behind bars, ….errr…. stripes.

And– united, we voted for democracy– for decency!! — and, of course, civility, honesty, integrity. We voted no to rage and lies.

What would you think if you saw a book with this cover?

The RusTed Letter
A Sequel to CATCH-45
By Decency Winns
an e pluribus unum publication

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