Raccoon tracks in the sparkling snow
Poetry, The Daily
Raccoon tracks in the sparkling snow
on Flickr

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Look, a raccoon has been here! While we see the mule deer frequently during the day, the little rascals who eat the cat food we leave out for the hungry cats of the neighborhood we may see on the back porch, if we catch them. But, mostly we know know they are there when the snow falls and they leave their delicate long-toed tracks.

Unseen Are Seen

Oh, the snow at first fall
sparkling tapestry of white
when dark grey of the streets
turns bright once again
and we unaware of what
creatures travel through town
now see the unseen
in the tracks they’ve laid down.

Sheri Edwards
11.30.22 335.365.22

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