an assortment of hand made holiday greeting cards
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Wednesday WrapUp Tis The Season

an assortment of handmade holiday cards


Each Wednesday check this blog for a strategy, process, or reflection for illustration with the iPad app ProCreate. This Wednesday Wrap Up , I share my today’s project– handmade holiday greeting cards.


When our family mostly lived in Spokane, the “girls” gathered for stamping days, making our own cards and scrapbooks. We’ve spread apart over the years as life often does, but this year I’ve been asked to create some of my home made cards for the Chamber of Commerce Annual Auction– and so I’m stamping again!

Sheri at her stamping and art desk making cards surrounded by the needed supplies

What have I created?

As you can see, I’ve a few different designs. I like to plan out a design and then make several. It makes it easier because I can cut all the pieces out and then put them together. I did that for the Happy Holidays 3.3in card in the lower left. The three cards in the back I chose cranberry or New England Ivy as base colors and the same print for the 3 tags for interest. But I embellished each one differently. Same idea: base and 3 tags can all be cut at once, then put them together differently.

And… ready for auction:

homemade holiday cares in plastic bags, tagged and ready for auction

What stamps do I use?

I’m a “Close to My Heart” stamping customer. My teacher is Julie Reynolds— who lives a mountain range from me, but I know enough about stamping — old style — to order and create on my own. Before COVID, Julie arranged for a wonderful three day stamping retreat on Dumas Bay, with a wall of windows for all the participants to enjoy the view of the Puget Sound.

Try It!

Get into the holiday spirit and try your hand at stamping– it’s just as relaxing as my iPad art! Happy Holidays!

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