Snow-covered treed area with creek weaving through the white
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Snow on Fiddle Creek

Snow-covered treed area with creek weaving through the white
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Daily Note

It’s snowing again today, although this photo is of Fiddle Creek in Cole Park in February of 2019. It’s peaceful and we often greet the local mule deer on our walks, even in winter. If you look closely, you’ll see one in the upper right. There may be more!

No matter how many times we see them, or how many times we view the freshly fallen snow, each takes our breath away– such beauty in their eyes and such peace in the blanket of snow. And so we snap photos again and again.

Scott’s set his phone to rotate his cover photo, and the algorithm seems to choose images of places we’ve been to on that day and then rotates through a series of our delightful photos of beautiful places, here in our town and in our other adventures around the state. Every once in a while, he’ll say– “Look. Remember this?” And there we go, off into a world of wonder and memories.

And so, a poem of this place:

Snow on Fiddle Creek

A ribbon gently
weaves through crystals of white,
spring’s hope is flowing.

Sheri Edwards
12.05.22 340.365.22

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