in the evergreen forest on a moonlit night, one snowy spruce tree stands out with a shining bright star
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Wednesday WrapUp More In the Season

A snowy evergreen forest at night with a shimmering moon and a shining star on one tree proclaiming “All is calm; All is bright”
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Each Wednesday check this blog for a strategy, process, or reflection for illustration with the iPad app ProCreate. This Wednesday Wrap Up , I share a few digital projects for my Daily Doodle with my CLmooc  friends, and a few products– both have cheered the winter days for me, and I hope they do you as well.


Thanks to Calvin the Drifter’s tutorial Forest Landscape, I was able to adapt and improvise the learned strategy by adding misty snow and a few light sparkles, and sometimes a greeting with the greeting.

With a bit of playing around with the brushes, a bit of shading and highlights with lighter and darker hues, I was able to create a fuller tree. Adding the snow helped set the mood for the snowy winter we’re having.

I decided to add the greetings for postcards and greeting cards to print on my own, and then added each to Red Bubble, choosing the best products for the seasonal art and their dimensions.

For You

And, the Season’s Greetings illustration is now a set of bookmarks, with a download for you [8.5 x 11 in].

bookmark for Watercolor of evergreen forest in misty snow with twinkles of lights in the pine branches and Season’s Greetings as title

Watercolor Holiday Forest on Red Bubble

I love seeing what my art looks like on products like notebooks, clothing, bags, digital covers, etc. It’s fun to see what could be and then purchase some products for family with art from Gramma on them!

I like the quality of Red Bubble– they’ve not disappointed me yet. The apron and notebooks are two of my favorites, as well as tote bags, drawstring bags, clocks, pouches, and pillows.

Here’s what these look like– I can choose the products that look best for the size. So the Season’s Greetings bookmark only fits on certain items. The same is true for the “Calm” art– because of the boarder. But the Lone Star art for today’s CLmooc  sharing works on most products. It’s 4000 x 5000 pixels. If you’re planning on adding your art to Red Bubble, the company shares templates for most of the products, which you can find here. That should help you get started too!

To view all products for each design, see:

Try It!

Get into the holiday spirit and learn a new strategy or technique, then adapt to your own style and needs. Perhaps upload yours to a POD Print on Demand shop and share on your own blog. And, include a bit for others too, like the bookmarks. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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