stylized little brown mouse by a berry bush holding a red berry
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Wednesday WrapUp Messy Holiday Mouse

stylized little brown mouse by a berry bush holding a red berry
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Each Wednesday check this blog for a strategy, process, or reflection for illustration with the iPad app ProCreate. This Wednesday Wrap Up, I share a digital project for my Daily Doodle with my CLmooc  friends through which I struggle with a style.


Thanks to Lisa Glanz new Messy Paintbox brush set and tutorial I continue my journey to find a style I like. One is this looser style for which I’ve already shared two holiday pieces and two practice ones:


Today, I watched Lisa’s tutorial again to understand better how the brushes work, and I took notes on the brushes used in her lesson. Next I planned my little mouse piece and began sketching, coloring, and shading. From Lisa’s Messy Paintbox, I applied these brushes:

Brushes for the Mouse

Holiday Mouse Brushes

Lisa’s Pencil – initial
Messy Sketcher— Linework
Messy Ink— add messiness
Sketchy Texturize — after coloring — to add scribble line work on top of all in same color as sketch in some spots

Fill—Fat Gouache— dark color
Fill—Very Wet Brush— streaky, messy over dark
Transparent Grainy — patches of color — don’t lift for same color
Messy and Smudgy — details/lift pencil
Diluted messy paint for scruffy look
Palette knife — texture / color variation

Charcoal texturized

Large and Smudgy— multiply/lower opacity— below linework— add shadow; lower opacity to blend in

Splotchy— block strokes— use diff colors


This is my take on the process– the replay [on Flickr] I think I’ve got the process down after this, my fifth practice piece.

Replay of illustration process

Try It!

Get into the holiday spirit and learn a new strategy or technique, then adapt to your own style and needs. As you can see, practice helps! And remember– we’re all learning– and learning and learning and learning!

Thanks to Lisa Glanz and her brushes with tutorials, I’m able to grow in my art process.

And an Art for You Replay!

And here’s last year’s art for you– read the blog post here.

a set of postcards.

And a blank card for you to add your own picture.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for your continued support
and may your holidays be cheerful and bright!

For links to mentioned artists, see Artists Resources page.

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