Crap Apple tree covered in snow, full of small red apples
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Daily Create Before After Photos

Snowy Crap Apple tree in various forms of remix to show off the tree without the vehicles
on Flickr

Daily Create

Daily Create Prompt:  #DS106  #tdc4004  #clmooc  #dailycreate Before and After

The day was dark– and I really wanted the red of the apples to show without the vehicles. So I did a bit of enhancing in Affinity Photo and then a crop and some copy and cloning and a mask to create a lot of snow on this crab apple tree.

Just wanted the crab apple tree— not that it’s better, but it’s the tree!

Grammasheri and Sheri42


And so, a poem for the importance of the little tree…

Deck the Tree

Deck the tree with boughs of apples
Shine them bright in vivid red
When winter’s snowfall fills the branches
Still the creatures will be fed.

Sheri Edwards
12.30.22 365.365.22
Poetry/Photography [photo is enhanced]
Crap Apple tree covered in snow, full of small red apples
on Flickr

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