An Ishidoro lantern shining in the night snow
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A Blessing and A Wish for 2023

An Ishidoro lantern shining in the night snow

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today I share two poems. Well, one is a blessing– a remix of several Irish blessings with an added last blessing/wish by me. I have always loved these blessings — some are humorous and most a generous wishes for the best to those we love and even those we don’t. And so I have remixed several, but this is the one I share on New Years– from our home to yours.

Blessing Remix

May the raindrops fall lightly on your brow.
May the soft winds freshen your spirit.
May the sunshine brighten your heart.
May the burdens of the day rest lightly upon you.
And the thoughts from others confirm that you are loved.

Remix and Adaptation by Sheri Edwards, last line
12.31.22 366.365.22
Poetry Remix/Photography

This is the last poem of the year– I’ve written one every day– sometimes more than one for the past year– or maybe even for two or three years. Find the poems split in two blogs due to a blog changeover: poetry22 and poetry22 on the other blog.

It’s a daily thought from me to you to remember the moments of my days and nights since we don’t live forever– but we can leave our hopes and dreams and a few words to perhaps encourage the next generations to carry on in love. Imagine a world of care and kindness– of working together to solve the problems of the day without blaming or harming or leaving out those who are different. I wish for love and peace. And each of us can play our part.

This photo is from a summer walk on public lands, an important part of America: the public and common good. Birds sang; insects buzzed; water trickled; flowers bloomed; grasses bent gently in the breeze– a place of solace and mystery– of saving the land for the future.

a field of yellow flowers and green grasses with a road curving up to a grove of trees on  the right on a summer day of slightly cloudy blue skies.
on Flickr

A Wish

A wish for you
for peace anew
A world where love
will rise above
Through each of us,
—no animus—
Just daily care
and kindly fare
in all we do
each day through
we choose what’s spread,
connected threads,
to weave the way
for love to sway.

Sheri Edwards
12.31.22 366.365.22

And my #CLmooc friends and I have created a calendar of hope for 2023 that includes art and author notes, which you can download and print [or add to your PDF reader on your device]. Click here for a preview and the download link: Welcome to 2023 A Collaborative Calendar. And there’s no asking for subscription or anything: it’s just free from the artists and authors in our CLmooc group.

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