overcast day over snow spotted hillside with microwave towers
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Joy on a Grey Day

an overcast hillside spotted with snow with microwave towers; two power lines flow across the lower third of the shot
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I looked out the window today at the grey, dismal day– and asked, “How can you create a grey day on a day of joy?” Fifty-one years ago my son Greg [aka Giggley] was born! No greater day or ray of sunshine, for sure! [Of course another joins that, for Jake, yet today we celebrate Gregory! ] And so, a poem…

Joy on a Grey day

Overcast and grey
A dismal dawn
Attempts to obscure
The good of the day.

Patches of snow
Spread light that’s bright
For the joy of the birth,
My son, fifty-one years ago.

Sheri Edwards
01.05.23 005.365.23

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