Ice fishing on Banks Lake
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Ice fishing on Banks Lake
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. On our walk in the sun yesterday, we found the ice fishing encampment on Banks Lake. We attempted a closer look, but the summer path we often take to the outlet of the canal on the right is locked in winter. We were disappointed, but, as you can see, there’s quite a group by the opening, which is where fish like to swim. There’s another group off to the left and another one off further left outside of the photo range.

My dad often fished on the ice. He and his friends had a little wooden house they dragged out to their favorite spot. I never went. Who wants to be outside on a thirty below day in windy North Dakota– or stuck in a small wooden crate on the ice? Well, anglers do.

And so, a poem.


No matter the weather
No matter the cold
When the lake freezes over
Anglers escape to the ice
Special gear and wear
Poles short and set
Dinner tonight
A family’s winter delight.

Sheri Edwards
01.07.23 007.365.23

Ice Fishing Info

For those who’d like to learn about and be safe ice fishing, here’s a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife web page: Basics of Ice Fishing

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