Shapes and patterns form a small white house below a mountain and in a field
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January Doodle Small House

Shapes and patterns form a small white house below a mountain and in a field
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January Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day. Today’s challenge was another one that took me to abstract. I tried a bit of one of the artists I follow– Clay Black, who can create shapes that intensify and simply the elements of a prompt in marvelous ways. I’m always surprised and amazed at his perceptive ability to capture the essence of the concept– no matter how complex it is.

He hasn’t been participating in this particular challenge, but I tried to create the shapes I saw in the prompt photo in a simple a way as I could, like Clay does.

I chose this style because this challenge for me is one to do in less than an hour– preferably only fifteen-twenty minutes. I’m trying to “see” color and shapes and then draw quickly. As a novice artist, this practice seems to be important to connect what I see with what flows out my fingers.

So, thank you Clay for the inspiration– It’s just a touch of your style, but I tried!

 A look at shapes and patterns for the #sketchbooksquad response for the Sarah Watts Challenge inspired by the style of Clay Thomas Black @claymus

Sheri42 on IG

The challenge picture:

For links to mentioned artists, see Artists Resources page.

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