one anemone blossom with two leaves and sprigs of small white buds
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January Doodle Anemone

one anemone blossom with two leaves and sprigs of small white buds
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January Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day. 

Another Sarah Watts #sketchbooksquad Challenge— anemone

Sometimes, for complex images, I need the source photo to guide me. For this illustration, I simply used the source image as a reference.

I filled in a layer for each petal, filling a very light purple shape similar to the one in the reference photo. Then, for each petal, I placed the layer on alpha lock and began smoothing in the purples, whites, and veins.

The flower center followed the same strategy in a layer above the flower, in purples, blues, yellows.

The leaves are on their own their own layer, drawing them out in a dark green, alpha locking, and texturizing in the shades and highlights of color as well as the stem.

Below the anemone and leaves, I drew in one sprig of buds, alpha locked, and colored in, texturizing the color details. I copied it, flipped it, and moved this copy above the leaves so it would show above the lower leaf. I unlocked it and added another bud.

I used texturizing brushes, script/shale brush, studio pen, and a liner brush. The texture brushes are a free [even commercial] stipple set you can find here: Gumroad. I discovered them here at Folio.Procreate.

The background is nikko rull light blue to a darker blue, blurred.

The shadow is the texturizer brush on two layers to get the deeper blue close beneath the anemone. Blurred.

The Prompt Picture from Sarah:

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