1994 jeep Cherokee holds memories of grandkids
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1994 jeep Cherokee holds memories of grandkids
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. My favorite story:

Allison, age 5 or 6, looks back behind us. Looks back again after we leave the neighborhood. Looks back again as we head up the hill past the dam. Looks again as we turn. Finally, she says, “The boat’s still following us, Grampa.

Because six year olds don’t watch us hitch up the boat.


Well, another favorite story:

We’re on the way to visit cousins in Spokane with cousins [grandkids] in the back seat. The traffic is fierce. Someone slips into our lane and Grampa swerves to dodge the car, calling out, “Jesus Christ!”

MJ, about six years old, “Jesus loves you.”

So many memories every time I look at this old, faithful jeep.

And so, a poem.


Who knew the laughter,
the chatter, the sparkling eyes
of grandkid cousins
off to the lake,
off to walk Pooka,
off to treasures of geo-caches,
off to the renaissance fair,
off to the basalt waterfall cave,
would be the hallmark
of a Jeep?

Sheri Edwards
01.13.23 013.365.23

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