cat in apple tree focused on prey
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She’s So Cute

cat in apple tree focused on prey
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Our wild little kitty is so cute. We rescued her from Quincy Humane Society who brought her to Hales Farm and Feed in a van for an adoption day. We always say, “She was so cute in the van.”

We say that because she is wild– she barely lets us pet her, and only when she allows it or needs a purr herself, which usually doesn’t last long and then her tail flicks– so we know she’s done and we need to beware. Beware for her swat.

You’ve heard that house cats are the top “killer” in the animal year. New data shows they are voracious hunters in their own and our neighbor’s back yards. And… that would be our kitty. Scientific American

She’s so cute–but look at her focus!

She’s So Cute

Oh, the feline’s cuteness belies
Songbird’s moves in her eyes

Sheri Edwards
01.17.23 017.365.23

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