Fallen red Japanese Maple leaves on pavement
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Fallen, Remembered

Fallen red Japanese Maple leaves on pavement
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today I am thinking of my little brother.. He passed away in April, 2019. Lung cancer took him and he had suffered for years, but kept his sense of humor and many great friends. I lost my older brother last November. Tomorrow is the 20th of January. On February 20th, my little brother would have been seventy. The calendar number held me today, thinking about him. And these lovely leaves on the pavement in full color of red are like the memories of our loved ones, letting go, but remembering.

And so, apoem.

Fallen, Remembered

Fallen leaves
Coloring the grey
Like memories
For those passed away.

Sheri Edwards
01.18.23 018.365.23

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