Autumn hawthorn leaves turning yellow with inserted art deco fairies and photo of self with poem “Welcome All”
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Welcome All

Autumn hawthorn leaves turning yellow with inserted art deco fairies and photo of self with poem “Welcome All”
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. While browsing through my photos I found this one in which I had remixed my art deco fairies and myself into the leaves for a Daily Create.

I love our hawthorn tree. We had to replace it because a windstorm blew the first one, planted sometime in the 30s or 40s when our town was part of the area called “Engineer’s Town” during the building of Grand Coulee Dam. The government owned the town and the entire neighborhood was treated as a garden, planned and cared for by the landscapers and gardeners for the government.

Read about and view historical photos here:

And so a poem… with a bit of fairy magic and a wish

Welcome All

Hawthorn in autumn painted yellow
by fairies’ song the cold to mellow;
Close your eyes and join the dance—
Wish for the world a second chance
To follow He whose Word is Love—
Affirm all: earth below, sky above.

Sheri Edwards
01.19.23 019.365.23

About the poem:

I’m struggling with our world today– with all the hate and vitriol and fake reference to some god who must only hate. There’s a lot of stuff in the Bible, but then Jesus came along and spread a message of love, love to all, love your neighbor, love your enemy– make the world a better place while here on Earth. I don’t see that today in much of our world and in US politics and other places.

I’m especially struggling with the judgement of others– people who are different, different from white and male. Everyone else seems to be fair game for discrimination and laws of control over them.

Then there’s the desire to ravage the earth with no consideration for the creatures and greenery living on it. We are not tending our garden.

And we have much to do to protect the planet. Already, people around the world and in the United States must move due to climate change. Yes– in the US people are moving from storm-ravaged areas and from wildfire areas.

About Climate Migrations:

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult to each other?

George Eliot

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