little dancer in pink dress
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Daily Create: On the Wing

Helene flying the plane with a camera on the wing over an illustration of a dancer in pink enjoying her folk dancing in a grassy field
on Flickr

Daily Create

Daily Create Prompt:  #DS106  #tdc4031  #clmooc  #dailycreate 

Where would you go with Helene? 

Just before I looked at today’s daily create, this lovely little video of a folk dancer popped up in my feed:

Of course I knew I’d love to try to draw her as my daily doodle, and I did:

Little Dancer in pink in the grassy field enjoying her folk dancing
on Flickr

So I knew, if I were in that crazy plane, I’d be on the wing to film the little dancer….

And so my response:

Where would you go with Helene? 

I’d be filming on the wing all the different, unique dancers of our wonderful diverse world….

Grammasheri and Sheri42

Source images– CC0

plane and camera

About the pilot: Helene Dutrieu

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