Moses Lake at Moses Pointe in autumn
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Natures Cues

Moses Lake at Moses Pointe in autumn
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.  The Daily Create today reminded me of a trip to Moses Lake. The photo is from one of our adventures– we just hop in the car and head in a direction and take side roads to find interesting and beautiful things. This time, October, 2019, we ended up in Moses Lake, wandering around the outskirts, discovering a housing development called Moses Pointe, which included a golf course with restaurant [The Links], and by then we were ready to eat! So…..a poem.

Nature’s Cues

In autumn
Though the sky
Remains a pleasant blue,
Watch as lake
Proclaims “The cold ensues.”

In autumn
As the leaves
De-green in colorful hues
See the lake
Entertain the winter’s grey cues.

Sheri Edwards
01.30.23 030.365.23

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