a leaf on a twig unfolding, unfurling
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Wednesday WarmUp FlashFeb

a leaf on a twig unfolding, unfurling
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Each Wednesday check this blog for a strategy, process, or reflection for illustration with the iPad app ProCreate. This Wednesday Wrap Up— rather a WarmUp, I share the challenge I’ve joined for February. It’s a great way to warm up your creative juices with an interpretation to a prompt– quick or dedicated, as you wish. It’s also a way to warm up the dreary days of February. It’s called: Flash Feb.

What is Flash Feb?

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.  Some have even invited us to a #FlashFeb — a creative prompt every day in February to respond as you wish. Find the details:

The prompt page displays a list of prompts for the twenty-eight days of February– one word prompts and an image. Click the image to a page for each prompt with suggestions and links to help get started.

February 1

Today’s prompt is: FOLD.

Click on the link to the first suggestion page. You’ll find an image example, a few ideas, and even a suggestion for zine– a mini-magazine made with one piece of folded paper. Imagine what you could do with that!

Suggestions include drawing folded clothes, folded paper, the light shining on the folded paper.

The thing is this: interpret the prompt your way– for the time and mindset that you have at the moment. Take your time, or grab a scrap of paper and doodle something. Maybe you have a photo.

I almost shared this photo of my new towels, just arrived today:

Folds in hanging towel of rainbow-colored nautilus with wavy blue backgrounds
Folds in hanging towel of rainbow-colored nautilus

A simple response for today would work!

How Do I Share?

Share in the usual places you share with the hashtag #FlashFeb. The hashtag is not exclusive, so others may post different things– but the group can still see;

  • #FlashFeb on:

If you’d like to join the Flickr group, here’s the link: Flickr Group for FlashFeb. It’s such fun to see all the responses in one place. Here’s the pool for the group so far. Click on the arrow to see them all. You may need to scroll sideways to the left to find the arrow.


My Response

I decided to draw from my new class on drawing leaves. Usually I draw leaves just sticking out from a stem– maybe a slight curve here and there. So I’m taking a class from Jennifer Nichols of Leila and Po Studio to learn how to draw leaves that fold and curl, learning a bit of foreshortening in the process.

So, based on my first lessons, I drew an unfolding leaf, still in its folded and unfurling state, ready to bring on spring– the featured image in this post at the top.

This took a bit longer than the folded towel photo, but the point is: be creative and enjoy the prompts, responding as you can.

Try It

If you want to join in, just check back to the prompt page each day for the prompt and ideas: Flash Feb Prompts.

Create something. Share something in your usual ways.

I encourage you to join the Flickr group as well. Flickr Group for FlashFeb.

Remember– it’s for fun! It’s February! We need some joy and spontaneity to call out spring! Take it easy or take it slow: just create and share!

Hashtag: #FlashFeb

Who do we thank for FlashFeb?

Who do we have to thank for their girt of generous time and endeavors that invite us into creative joy?

Thank you so much for creating another joyful project for everyone to join.

About this Blog

This blog shares art in many forms daily and weekly. I started it to share my learning and from those learnings, the products for my art business [See Home page].

I share strategies and techniques, artist teachers, and the goals and struggles of a novice artist.

And you’re welcome to follow this blog for art inspiration. We can share with #warmup4art to enjoy our work together! I look forward to your sharing and find me at @42Sheri, on Mastodon Sheri42, on Flickr teach.eagle Sheri 42.

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