double rainbow in the dark, stormy Big Sky above Montana's highways
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Remember The Rainbow

double rainbow in the dark, stormy Big Sky above Montana's highways
on Flickr

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today’s Daily Create was Rainbow, and so this photo was my choice due to its story from that stormy trip home from North Dakota across the huge state and Big Sky of Montana from my Daily Create Archives: Rainbow.

A double rainbow — Somewhere in Big Sky Country — Montana, my mom’ birthday, July 18th, 2019

Big skies get double rainbows, and a lot of lightning… about an hour after this, still in the Big Sky Storm, we had to pull over into a closing Dairy Queen due to lightning.

We had received an alert on our phone to get to cover. The rain was pouring down and the lighting lit up the sky around us.

We took the message seriously, and the closers at the Dairy Queen welcomed us in as they cleaned up and allowed us to wait there until the lightning area of the storm passed by.

Thank goodness for Big Sky Good Neighbors!

And so… a poem for the day, the second one I’ve written for it.

Remember the Rainbow

Remember the miles of highway
from childhood tales to home
Cruising Montana’s byways
In the path of an oncoming storm.

Remember the sky so darkening
Grey to grayer to black
Rain pounding on the car roof
Dancing in chaotic swarms.

Remember the lightning blazing
Brightening the skies
A Dairy Queen that saved us
For a rainbowed journey home.

Sheri Edwards
02.04.23 035.365.23

The other poem: After the Rainbow

Dark skies and double rainbow in the Big Sky above Montana’s highways [on Flickr]

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