Rebecca Lake, late afternoon, February, 2023
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Eight Billion

Rebecca Lake, late afternoon, February, 2023
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today we took a longer drive in the sunshine and captured this lovely view of Rebecca Lake on the Colville Reservation.

A lovely view of the sun, who should live eight billion years, but, with climate change, how will humans fare? It’s in our hands.

and so, a poem

Eight Billion

Eight billion years
the sun will shine;
Will Man on earth
survive that time?

Sheri Edwards
02.10.23 041.365.23

I know the land is drying up and burning. NASA has a wonderful Climate Change site, including solutions. Take a look at these Before / After images:

So, it seems we should be doing something– or those great-great-great grandkids you wonder about, may not even be born. So very sad.

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