Coulee City, WA— ice anglers far out on the ice in tents on Banks Lake
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Tales of Winter

Coulee City, WA— ice anglers far out on the ice in tents on Banks Lake
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. In January and February we often take a drive along Banks Lake — the norther and southern ends — to see the ice fishermen.

As the Bureau of Reclamation [USBR] readies for spring, the warning to the anglers is published and news spread as flood control begins with the intake of water into Banks Lake through the canal– right where the anglers fish. The water flowing beneath the ice will weaken it from below– a danger to those on the ice and unaware. Some fishermen have fallen in, and the USBR needs them to be aware and leave the ice, which can melt quickly from below.

A side note: I stumbled on a website that describes many forms of lake ice: Lake Ice. Who knew?

I found websites of news and videos for Ice Fishing on Banks Lake— just scan the code for the links:

QR code to scan for links to videos and websites about ice fishing on Banks Lake

Be safe out there!

And so, a poem:

Tales of Winter

Cold calls the sky,
clear blue across the lake,
now snow-dusted ice

Bold boasts the tracks
Stamped across the ice—
Anglers snug in tents

Told brags the stories
Laughing warm by the fire—
Tales of winter’s catch.

Sheri Edwards
02.26.23 057.365.23

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