canopy of leaves — a stand of pine and maple trees
Poetry, The Daily

The Green

canopy of leaves — a stand of pine and maple trees
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. On one of our walks in summer, just before the footbridge over Fiddle Creek into Cole Park, one little leave waved at us in the gentle breeze, seeming excited and exuberant to the beauty of the day. I agreed and could not resist taking a video of the happy leaf:

Tree canopy with one very happy, moving maple leaf

The original video became this gif, and a Daily Create on “Trees in Motion” today. I remember wondering, why, in the little breeze, was this one leaf enjoying its own little dance? It seems even leaves have personality, don’t you think?

We are all unique and different: honor one another. Love thy neighbor, for the diversity we are as humans on this one small planet of the universe.

And so, a poem:

The Green

The earth, from space, is blue, it seems
Up close, the blue gives birth to green.

Sheri Edwards
02.27.23 058.365.23

We’ve a responsibility to the future in civil rights and protecting our home planet. We’ve got to be “workin’ on a world” we’ve taken for granted to keep it moving forward for all of us.

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